MSOP Results: September 17, 2004

September 18, 2004 ยท 7 minute read

Welcome back to the McKinley Casino for continuing MSOP coverage. The evening of September 17th brought eleven competitors together for the second largest payout in MSOP history.

Of the eleven, an MSOP record of five were previous winners: Maura "M&M" Jones Moyle, John "Disco" Stewart, Todd "The Terminator" Henderson, Nick "Nickles" Stanton, and Jessica "Mikey" Stewart (Mikey and Nickles having split one 1st place finish, and Nickles taking part in one other split with the Elder Stewart).

Also buying in were previous MSOP combatants Greg "von" Schlegel, Herb "Herbinator" Jabs, and past MSOP money winner Susanna "The Bride" Daniel.

Three new faces joined the crowd to fill out the field: Aaron "The Man" Truscott, Harlan "Harley" Schlegel, and Ann "Any Two Will Do" Dugan.

With the large field, we split the players into two tables, utilizing the second, slightly less fancy table (a sheet over a concrete board panel) in the Hefner Room.

We ended up with one rebuy, pushing the prize pool up by an extra $20:

1st: $120
2nd: $60
3rd: $35
4th: $25

The game got underway at 6:30… let’s shuffle up and deal!

Play by Play
At around 7:30 in the Hefner room, the flop came .

With only 450 left in his stack, and most of his former money in Maura’s big stack, Todd went all-in. Maura called.

Todd showed , looking for the straight.

The turn and river came and , not helping him out.

Todd was first out, but bought back in for another $20.

At 7:20 on the main table, Mikey and Harley built up a pot of 6-700, which was the first serious action we saw there. The onlookers watched expectantly, hoping to see some money change hands.

With a board of ,

Mikey showed .

Harley showed for the same hand and a split pot.

The crowd was depending on the players in the Hefner room to provide some more excitement than split pots, and at 8:15 Greg and Todd obliged.

The flop showed . Todd bet 200 and Greg called.

The turn came . Todd bet 500, and Greg called.

The river came . Todd put Greg all-in with a bet of 670. Greg called.

Todd showed for four queens.

Greg’s  did not hold up and he was out. The field was down to ten players, so we combined onto the main table.

At 8:40 there was a board of and 1800 in the pot. Harley bet 500 into it. Suz called, Herb folded, and Todd called. The pot suddenly became a monster.

A river of got another 500 from Harley. Suz got out of the way and Todd called.

Harley showed .

Todd picked up the big pot with and trip sixes.

Only a few minutes later, Todd raised it up preflop to 200. He got callers from myself and Aaron.

The flop came . Todd bet 200 and once again got 2 callers.

The turn came . Todd bet 400. I went all-in, Aaron folded, and Todd called.

I showed … I’d flopped top pair, and then hit two pair on the turn.

Todd showed the killer hand ; he’d flopped trips again.

The river was no help for me… . I was out for the night.

At 9:12, Herb, Maura, Todd, and Ann built up a pot of about 3500 by the turn.

The board showed .

Herb went all-in for another 1425.

Todd called, Ann called all-in with her remaining 350, and Maura got out of the way.

Herb showed , with a flush draw and inside straight draw.

Todd showed , with an open-ended straight draw.

Ann showed , with her flush already made. Herb was drawing dead, and Todd’s only hope was to draw the six of clubs for a straight flush.

The river came , however, sealing Herb’s fate, and shifting a sizable chunk of chips into Ann’s pile.

At 9:19, Aaron went all-in for the rest of his 200. Todd, Nick, Harley, and Suz were all involved in the pot, but Todd took it down in the end, knocking Aaron out of the game.

It appears that Harley followed soon thereafter. The field was down to six.

At just before 9:30, Mikey went all-in preflop for the rest of her 390.

She got three callers from Todd, Ann, and Maura.

The flop came .

Todd bet 400, getting folds from Ann and Maura.

MikeyMikey showed her hole cards of .

Todd showed , the underdog but with a flush draw. Todd 46.57% vs. Mikey 53.43%.

The turn came , giving Todd a pair but leaving him a 2-1 underdog.

Amazingly, the river came , giving him two pair and knocking out Mikey for the night.

The field was then at five, with four places to pay out.

At 9:37, Nick and Todd were in a pot together.

The flop came .

Nick checked. Todd bet into it with 150.

Nick replied with an all-in raise of 2605. Todd called.

Nick showed , with middle pair.

Todd showed , his queens a big favorite at 4-1.

The turn and river came and , with the Terminator doing what he does best.

With Nick gone, the remaining players (Todd, Ann, Suz, and Maura) all had a piece of the prize pool.

SuzOnly a few minutes later, at 9:45, Suz made her stand. She went all-in preflop for her remaining 730 in chips. Both Todd and Ann called.

After a flop of , Todd bet 500 into it, and Ann called.

A turn of  got two checks from Todd and Ann.

A river of and it was like a bank; checks all over.

Todd showed , with a pair of jacks and a missed straight.

Ann “Any Two Will Do” lived up to her nickname and showed .

Suz laid down the hooks, , giving her a set and tripling her up!

She was now back in the hunt, with her stack of 2350 leaving her still in 4th place, but only narrowly behind Ann at 3000. Maura’s stack was at 5000, with Todd still in charge with a stack of 14,000.

MauraAt just before 10, Todd was in the big blind of 200, and raised it up to 500. He got calls from both Ann and Maura.

With a flop of , Todd dropped 1000 into the pot.

Ann folded, but Maura called.

A turn of left their blood cold… Todd check, Maura check.

A river of did the same… check, check.

Maura laid down , a pair of kings.

Todd showed , with nothing to beat her kings.

At 10:11, with a board of , Susanna went all-in. Ann called.

Suz showed , with an inside straight draw.

Ann laid down .

I didn’t record what came on the river, but Suz’s straight didn’t come. She was knocked out in 4th place for $25, and the field was down to three.

AnnThe notes stop here, because aside from being loaded, I was embroiled in a second game with Aaron, Suz, and Herb.

Maura was knocked out at 10:54, giving her a $35 payout.

Todd and Ann went heads-up, and Ann was able to avoid terminaton. Todd left with $60 and Ann took home the big prize on her first night out, $120.

Congratulations to Ann, Todd, Maura, and Susanna, and thank you to everyone else who played!



1st ($120): Ann
2nd ($60): Todd (~11)
3rd ($35): Maura (10:54)
4th ($25): Suz (10:12)
5th: Nick (9:40)
6th: Mikey (9:30)
7th: Harley (~9:15)
8th: Aaron (9:19)
9th: Herb (9:12)
10th: John (8:48)
11th: GregS (8:15)


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  <span style="font-family: Arial; color: black;">Even with a $40 investment, Todd was $20 up on the night, futher solidifying his perch.<br /> </span>

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  <span style="font-family: Arial; color: black;">Ann&#8217;s awesome result rockets her into 3rd place with only one game played.<br /> </span>

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