MSOP Results: August 27th, 2004

August 28, 2004 ยท 5 minute read

Welcome to continuing coverage of the Madison Series of Poker. The poker world has been waiting with bated breath (huh?) for the details of the titanic battle three weeks ago, but due to contractual obligations we have not, until now, been able to offer them. Now that the broadcast rights have been secured, we are clear to proceed.

The coverage from last night’s event (September 10th) is coming soon, but for now here is the coverage we’ve been waiting for on the August 27th tournament…

With $180 up for grabs, the top three money winners in MSOP history (with combined winnings of $330) were at the McKinley Casino to do battle. John "Disco" Stewart was determined to avenge his second place loss to Todd "The Terminator" Henderson three weeks earlier, and Maura "M&M" Jones Moyle was back out of retirement to try and regain her place at the top of the leader board. Steve "According to" Moyle was our only newcomer, with the rest of the field filled out by Tim "Yul" Brenner, Nick "Nickles" Stanton, Jon "Elvis" Eilbes, Tim "Smails" O’Brien, and Susanna "The Bride" Daniel.

With a buy-in of $20, the nine players were ready to brawl at 7pm over the payout of:

1st: $90
2nd: $55
3rd: $35

Play by Play

After a long period of sniping back and forth, a large pot of 2000 was erected by Steve, Tim (which Tim I am not sure!), and Todd.

With Ad on the board,

Steve showed for a pair of aces,

beating Tim’s due to the higher kicker.

However, the Terminator was not to be silenced so easily. He had a set of 4’s with  , and took down the pot.



Not long later, at 8:55, I was sitting in the big blind with a relatively puny stack of 1070 in the big blind of 50.

After most of the table limped, I raised all-in with .

Most of the players folded, but Steve called me with , and Suz with a high pair (I think perhaps Q’s or J’s).

Her hand held up; no ace came for Steve and I with a board of

I was out, guaranteeing Tim "All-In" O’Brien would improve his personal best effort at an MSOP table. The field was down to eight.



At 9:30, Maura went all-in on the flop with 65 left in her stack, getting calls from Tim(?) and Elvis. On the river, Tim went all-in and got a call from Elvis.

With a board of ,

Maura showed her ,

Tim showed  ,

and Elvis showed nearly the same hand of .

They both made their pairs on the river, ending Maura’s last hope to repeat as an MSOP champion. Since Tim missed his flush, he was left to split the pot with Elvis.



Steve’s defeat followed Maura’s only six minutes later, dropping the field down to six players.


Only another few minutes later, at 9:43, Smails went all-in preflop with , and Elvis called with .

The flop came , pairing both players, but with Smails’ kicker holding up.

A turn of was a turn for Elvis’ fate, giving him two pair.

The river showed , and Smails was done for the night. The field had quickly thinned to five.



The bloodletting did not slow, however. At 9:50, Elvis and Todd started mixing it up… my notes are not clear on what the cards showed, but what is clear is that Todd got his cards and sent Elvis packing. With only four players let, the smell of blood in the air was soon overwhelmed by the smell of money, with a third place of $35 now tantilizingly within reach to all.



It took over a half hour before the now conservative play got dangerous again, with TimB going all-in on the turn versus Todd.

The board showed , and Todd called.

Tim showed , a card away from a flush.

But Todd showed , which meant if another spade came Todd’s flush would win out.

Only a jack on the river could save Tim… and it came; a .



Another half hour later, at 10:47, things once again got dangerous. Nick and Todd built up a pot worth 3000.

On the turn with the board showing ,

Nickles went all-in with another 3000 and a pair with his hole cards of .

Todd called with ; losing at the time but with lots of outs, including a four flush and an inside straight draw.

He pulled it out to win the monster pot with the river coming , giving him his flush.

The remaining three players all had a piece of the prize money.



At 11:11, with her stack down to 480, Suz went all-in preflop, getting two callers, and with Todd eventually bringing down the pot. She finished with $35 and her best ever MSOP result.


Following his agressive style, Todd went all-in preflop in his first hand versus Tim heads-up.

Tim called with .

Todd showed , which looked ugly but he wasn’t a huge underdog at 43.42% versus Tim’s 55.54%.



The flop came with Tim’s queen holding up and his odds of winning now 70.30% versus Todd’s 26.36%.



The turn came , helping neither hand, but driving Tim’s winning chances to 79.55% versus Todd’s 13.64%.



But the river came for Todd, with a pairing him up giving him an unprecedented second win in a row.


Tim went home with $55, his first piece of prize money. Todd’s $90 drove him even higher at the top the MSOP hall of fame. Congratulations to Todd, Tim, and Susanna, and thank you to everyone who played!




1st ($90): Todd
2nd ($55): TimB (11:21)
3rd ($35): Susanna (11:11)
4th: Nickles (10:47)
5th: Elvis (9:50)
6th: TimO (9:43)
7th: Steve (9:36)
8th: Maura (9:30)
9th: John (8:55)



As always, please let me know if you see any mistakes.

Todd’s win solidifies his perch atop the MSOP leader board.