MSOP Results: July 2, 2004

July 3, 2004 ยท 1 minute read

One major hand I remember (before my full drunk set in) was a flop of three diamonds. Nickles, with two low-ish diamonds, went all in, but Big Chad had the Queen (?) of diamonds along with a smaller one, for a higher flush. After going in time and time again with no callers, he found the wrong caller.

And after all the shit I got for wearing sunglasses, I took my first win (at any meatspace table)… will this now start a trend? ;-P

1st ($50): John
2nd ($25): Big Chad (11:36)
3rd ($15): Mikey (11:28)
4th: Angie (10:53)
5th: Chris (10:35)
6th: Heather (9:03)
7th: Suz (8:30)
8th: Little Chad (8:18)
9th: Nickles (8:05)

Here’s the revised stat sheets; I think I got everything right, but if you see a mistake, lemme know. First one is by rank (which is the tiebreak for who gets dibs on seats), second one by net winnings.