Flying Spaghetti Monster Invades Madison

DSCN5420Halloween, Madison’s Mardi Gras (newly dubbed the Freakfest this year).

I was the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and Suz was a pirate (pirates are central figures in Pastafarianism).DSCN5477

I got a mention on the Daily Page blog and a picture up on this dude’s blog.
Also, the ESPN film crew got some footage of me in the window of The Pub on Friday night, and apparently played it during the Badger game on Saturday (and throughout the day on Saturday). I had tons of people come up to me and say they’d seen me on TV.

The FSM recognition rate was extremely low on Friday, but on Saturday night I had quite a few shout outs and kneeling Pastafarians.

Awesome; I got mentioned on the canonical FSM site:

Some pictures of folks posing with me over the weekend: 

DSCN5505 DSCN5574 DSCN5575 DSCN5600

And my lovely wife as a devoted pirate Pastafarian (this from hooktail‘s blog):


Here are all of the still shots I took of the weekend:

Madison Halloween 2006 Gallery

Here’s the FSM costume:


Here is video from Friday night:


And from Saturday night:


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